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The future development trend of “Stand Up Pouches” in food packaging

Stand up pouches” are a flexible, convenient, and cost-effective packaging form that has gained popularity in various industries in recent years. Especially in the food industry, they can showcase the personality of the products, maintain the freshness of the products, facilitate consumers to open, store, reseal and reuse, reduce waste and pollution, and enhance the image and competitiveness of the brands. So, what are the future trends of “stand up pouches” in food packaging? This article will analyze from the following aspects:


Lightweight and durability. “Stand up pouches” packaging are cheaper to produce, efficient to transport, and easily customizable. They also last longer on the shelves, prove more convenient for the consumer, and have less of an environmental impact. According to Emmerson Packaging, rigid packaging costs three to six times more per unit compared to flexible packaging. Printed folding cartons cost nearly twice as much as flexible packaging1. Moreover, “stand up pouches” packaging also have strong durability, which are not easy to be crushed, damaged, deformed, and can protect the integrity and quality of the products. Therefore, lightweight and durability are important advantages of “stand up pouches” packaging, and also the future development direction.


Portability and reusability. “Stand up pouches” packaging offer portability and portion control with re-closable stand-up pouches, which have become popular, as they allow consumers to eat small amounts from time to time from a freestanding and re-closable packaging. Consumers can enjoy the products anytime and anywhere, and can also control the amount and storage method according to their own needs, avoiding waste and pollution. For example, by adding nozzles or openings on the “stand up pouches”, liquid or semi-solid foods can be squeezed or poured out easily, suitable for travel or outdoor use2. Therefore, portability and reusability are another advantage of “stand up pouches” packaging, and also the future development trend.


Innovation and personalization. “Stand up pouches” packaging provide consumers with more innovative and personalized experiences due to their flexibility and diversity. Consumers can choose different colors, shapes, patterns, labels and other design elements according to their own preferences and needs, to show their taste and style. For example, ruihong stand up pouches designed a “stand up pouches” packaging, which adopted a unique shape, bright color, and interesting slogan, to show the vitality and personality of the product, and attract the interest and curiosity of young people.


How to design a perfect “stand up pouches” packaging?


“Stand up pouches” packaging give you plenty of space for creativity and information. In addition to the wonderful design, you also need to make sure that you add all the information about the food product on the packaging, and comply with the regulations of different governments. Here is a step-by-step guide to creating a successful “stand up pouches” packaging design.


Stand up pouches.jpg


Step one, understand your “stand up pouches” packaging needs. From the purpose and content of the packaging, to the design style you want, to the shelf life of the product and your budget, these are the factors you need to consider. This is an important step, because it will determine whether your final packaging design is suitable for practical use, and whether it meets your expectations.


Step two, choose the appropriate material and size. “Stand up pouches” packaging can be made of various materials, such as plastic, aluminum foil, paper, etc., and different materials have different characteristics and advantages and disadvantages. You need to choose according to the nature and requirements of your product. At the same time, you also need to determine the size and capacity of your “stand up pouches” packaging, to adapt to the quantity and shape of your product, and the demand of your target market.


standup-pouches-group-1 (1).png


Step three, design attractive graphics and text. “Stand up pouches” packaging are the face of your product, and also the spokesperson of your brand. You need to use color, shape, pattern, label and other design elements to show the personality of your product, convey the concept of your brand, and attract the attention of your potential customers. You can refer to some excellent “stand up pouches” packaging design cases, such as those displayed on ruihong stand up pouches, or seek the help of professional designers, to create a customized packaging design that suits your style and budget.


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